Hi, I'm Timi Ajiboye

I like to make things, especially things that work on computers. I also write.


I used to be a freelance software developer (web, mobile etc)


I do a decent amount of blogging on Medium.
  • chunksofcode: In this publication, I write technical software development articles & tutorials.
  • timi's backpack: I love "gadgets" (smartphones, computers etc) and I enjoy reviewing them.
  • mensplainr: A few of my friends & I use this as a medium (ha!) to explain feminist ideology to our fellow (Nigerian) men in hopes that they'll listen and treat women better.
  • A friend (TMT) & I run a music newsletter called Dudukę.
  • I'm currently writing a graphic novel called Arodan.



  • I love video games though I have less time for it these days. Last one I beat was God of War: Ragnarok on PS5. It took me a year, lmao. My favourite game of all time is Year Walk.
  • I like to draw. I post my infrequent drawings on this instagram page.
  • I love reading fiction. Last thing I read was the Foundation series.
  • I share a lot of thoughts & news on my twitter.